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Armand Morin Video on PersuasionX Seminar Explains How to Get Paid for What you Know

In the “Armand Morin Video” It’s not just who you know, but what you know…Knowing exactly what to tweak can be the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars

(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 18, 2010 )
Las Vegas – The Armand Morin video on PersuasionX you will want to watch on this site. The sales presentation training workshop in Las Vegas is an event you cannot afford to miss. Local speaker and internet marketing expert, Mark Maupin, is recommending members of his groups to attend this event. “Armand Morin is the best of the best,” said Maupin. “I’ve heard him speak at the annual Big Seminar and I have been successful using the techniques he teaches.”

Mark recalls an event where Armand Morin told a story…
Initially he was angry. He just received a $500 bill from a plumber who was in his home for less than 10 minutes and all he did was bang a couple pipes! “How can you charge $500 just for that?” he asked. The plumber replied, “Well sir it’s $5.00 for the 10 minutes I was here and $495 for knowing exactly where to bang the pipe!”
According to Morin, the lesson is simple. The difference between failure and success is sometimes very small. Knowing what to tweak can be the difference between making a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

National and local speakers from across the nation have utilized Armand Morin’s PersuasionX ( sales techniques to substantially increase their profits. “I was amazed how a few simple, but powerful persuasion techniques quickly translated into thousands of extra sales,” said Maupin. “Little tweaks equal big returns.”

Others who have attended Armand Morin’s PersuasionX event have said:
“I went from selling zero, one week, to $82,000 the next.”
“I averaged $250,000 from each of my next 5 presentations.”
“I did over $500,000 in my next sales presentation using a few simple tweaks.”

Armand Morin will present subtle selling techniques that have an enormous impact on bottom line profits. “It is not necessary to make major changes to the content of your presentation,” said Morin. “Just a few simple tweaks have led countless students to average over 20% in their closing ratio.”

Register now for the PersuasionX Workshop and enjoy a 3 night stay in a Las Vegas hotel, included in the fee. Armand is also throwing in a ticket to the Big Seminar in November, regularly priced at $1,997.00. Visit for Armand Morin Video.

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